Keeping You Safe, Day and Night

PBA Local 176 is the bargaining unit for the Cherry Hill Police Department. We represent every officer within the Department. PBA Local 176 is committed to the prevention of crime, protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and ordinances and the safeguarding of constitutional rights and guarantees. We strive to obtain the highest standards of performance, professional conduct and ethics. We continue to develop a community partnership and public trust to fulfill our mission.

Our 5th Annual Golf Class was an incredible success! Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us. We especially want to thank all of our generous sponsors.

We would like to thank the American Legion, Cherry Hill Liquors, Wilson Cleaners, ShopRite, USPS, and the Decou Center for hosting our Clothing and Shoe Drops.

If you have any clothing or shoes you can donate, please visit the above locations. These bins support PBA operations and our charitable causes.